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Elmenhorster – Good to share

For the people of Lithuania, the largest and most populous of the three Baltic States, such values as family loyalty and trust still have the highest priority today. The experience of sharing delicious, high-quality food and beverages with family and friends is an integral part of Lithuanian culture.
Due to high quality, carefully selected fruits and a big variety of tasty juice combinations Elmenhorster brand has succeeded in gaining the lasting trust of the majority of Lithuanian consumers – and that in the face of steadily increasing competition.Read more


Introduced as the first “international” brand to the Lithuanian market in 1992, Elmenhorster juices have been produced exclusively in Lithuania since 1997. Elmenhorster is now regarded as a local brand. It has built a strong market position and a broad basis of consumer trust – and established itself as the most popular fruit juice brand in Lithuania. Elmenhorster has positioned itself as a trademark for quality beverages for the whole family and a guarantor of healthy enjoyment.



Elmenhorster appeals to a broad spectrum of consumer with a wide selection of flavours and packaging. The company caters for its most important target group – young families – with Elmenhorster VitaTigras, fruit nectars in three delicious varieties conceived especially for children. Elmenhorster continues to strengthen its market lead through new fruit juice varieties and expansion of the product programme into other segments as well.


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