Healthy fruit-juice enjoyment for the whole family

This Lithuanian brand has established a reputation as a guarantor of healthy fruit-juice enjoyment by virtue of its high quality, carefully chosen fruits and ingredients and a wide selection of delicious flavour combinations. Elmenhorster is the most popular fruit-juice brand in Lithuania today.

History: a strong local fruit-juice brand

The first international brand to be introduced to the Lithuanian market in 1992, Elmenhorster has been producing fruit juices and fruit beverages exclusively in Lithuania since 1997. Consumers trust and appreciate Elmenhorster as a local fruit-juice producer and the market leader in Lithuania.

The product programme: a wide range of delicious fruit juices and fruit beverages

Elmenhorster appeals to consumer both young and old with a wide range of fruit-juice varieties and packaging options. By offering an ever-expanding series of new fruit-juice and fruit-beverage varieties and attractive product concepts like Gimtinės (fruit drinks made from locally grown apples) and VitaTigras (fruit juice drinks for kids), while expanding its product portfolio to include other growing segments (non-alcoholic versions of popular cocktails), Elmenhorster has progressively extended its market lead as a juice producer.



Delicious fruit juices in practical containers for the whole family.

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