What makes us tick
Just rewards: Pay and benefits at Eckes-Granini

We at Eckes-Granini cultivate a culture of cooperation and participation. We challenge and support our employees in the pursuit of their careers and encourage entrepreneurial, future-oriented thinking.

Modern working models, including home-office programmes as well as networked and cross-functional approaches, are part of daily life at Eckes-Granini. With the aid of modern technologies and digital media we enable our employess to design their working environments flexibly and collaborate across team and national boundaries. The bandwidth of our work-time models ranges from shift work to flexible work schedules, and varies from one corporate location to another.

Aside from structured target-agreement discussions, we keep in touch with our employees on a day-to-day basis. We encourage open dialogue on an equal basis, and discuss each employee’s personal contribution to the achievement of our business goals with the individuals concerned. We embrace the principle of decentralized corporate locations. Therefore, working models, pay and benefits reflect the local needs and circumstances of each national organization.

Our values and our culture

“Boss, I’ve got an idea …!"
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Work environment

Brimming with health and energy at all times: life and work at Eckes-Granini
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