Thomas Hinderer
Position: Chairman
Career history: · Training as an industrial clerk, university studies in Business Management
  · Brand and Product Manager, Ritter Sport and Vileda
  · Marketing Director, Birkel
  · Director of various divisions of Bestfoods Deutschland (Knorr, Pfanni, Mondamin, Mazola, Dextro)
  · Overall responsibility for all brands in the Retail Division, subsequent appointment as manager of the entire supply chain
  · Spokesman/Chairman of the Executive Board of the Theo Müller Group
Favourite fruit beverage: granini Blackcurrant Juice
Executive Board of Eckes AG and the Eckes-Granini Group
Thomas Hinderer


Senior Vice President, Supply Chain, Human Resources & Organizational Development

Senior Vice President and CFO, Finance, IT, Procurement, Merger & Acquisitions

Senior Vice President, General Manager, Eckes-Granini Germany

Senior Vice President, General Manager Eckes-Granini France

Senior Vice President, Marketing, R&D, Customer Development, Corporate Communication

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