Eckes-Granini Group – Business Report 2020

2020 marks the beginning of the devastating COVID-19 pandemic, not only for the employees of the Eckes-Granini Group but for everyone worldwide. An initially promising start to the business year was followed by a significant slump in March 2020. At this point, strict Corona measures were introduced across Europe, which were accompanied by the closure of restaurants and hotels almost everywhere. The out-of-home business thus largely came to a standstill for most parts of the year. In addition, border closures and restrictions on logistics led to challenges along the supply chain.

Nevertheless, Eckes-Granini has succeeded in responding to this extraordinary situation with great flexibility and willingness to perform. "We are proud of what we achieved in 2020. With EBIT of 71 million euros and an EBIT margin of 8.7 %, we draw a fundamentally satisfactory conclusion in view of the overall situation. We owe the solid 2020 business result primarily to the outstanding performance and spirited approach of our team. It was crucial that we did not lose sight of our strategic goals," says Eckes-Granini CEO Tim Berger.

Financial Figures

Turnover 2015-2020 in million EUR
Revenue from sales declined in 2020 to EUR 873 million (-5.2 %), particularly as a result of damage to the out-of-home market caused by pandemic lockdowns. While Eckes-Granini had single-digit growth (+3 %) in food retail, the company saw its out-of-home business in some countries decline by up to 50 %.


Volume Sales 2015-2020 in million litres 
Sales declined in 2020, falling by 10 million litres, which corresponds to a decrease of 1.1 %. The original growth target of about 5 % could not be achieved, given the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although sales in food retail rose notably in the business year, they compensated only in part for the drastic decline in the out-of-home segment. 

Earnings Before Interest and Taxes (EBIT) 2015-2020 in million EUR
With an EBIT of EUR 71 million and an EBIT margin of 8.7 %, the business results in the past year were below expectations; however, Eckes-Granini maintained nearly the same EBIT margin (8.9 %) from the prior year. Compared to EBIT in 2019, this year's figure was lower by EUR 6 million, or 7.8 %.


Focus on solidarity and sustainability
In the midst of the global crisis, the Eckes-Granini Group focused on solidarity and was able to assist long-standing business partners in the food service industry as well as system-relevant professional groups and volunteer helpers in the communities with fundraising campaigns. At the same time, in 2020 the focus remained on the strategic goal of becoming one of the world's most sustainable fruit juice producers. Through the establishment of an internal sustainability team, a number of strategic milestones were achieved on this path.


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