Eckes-Granini Group – Business Report 2021

Business year 2021 was a year full of contrasts for Eckes-Granini. The second pandemic year also presented the company with major challenges and had an impact on business. At the same time, 2021 was also the starting point for the biggest transformation in the company's history. The first year of the ONE Eckes-Granini strategy saw the initiation of numerous changes, the setting of a central course for future growth and the achievement of important milestones. Despite considerable challenges posed by Corona, declining sales volumes, and massive cost inflation, we succeeded in gaining market share - especially in the Nordic and Baltic countries - and strengthening our position during the past business year. Overall, our turnover grew in nine out of ten countries. We also performed well in our international business in European countries and outside Europe.

Financial Figures

Results before interest and taxes (EBIT) 2016-2021 in million euros

With an EBIT of €57.2 million and an EBIT margin of 6.7 %, last year's business result fell short of our expectations. 13.8 million declines in EBIT are due to the effects of the pandemic, customer conflicts in food retail and the significantly higher costs of raw and packaging materials compared to the previous year.

Sales revenue 2016-2021 in million euros 

Sales revenue fell moderately to €856 million (-1.95 %) in 2021, due to the corona-related restrictions in the out-of-home business. In addition, different ideas about price adjustments led in part to the discontinuation of supply relationships with our partners in food retailing. Above all, the conflict with Edeka over purchasing conditions and brand rights in Germany had a negative impact on the overall result and prevented growth of around 5 %.

Sales volumes 2016-2021 in million litres 

Sales volumes declined in 2021, falling by 38 million litres. This corresponds to a decline of 4.5 %. Germany and France were particularly affected by the decline in volume sales due to difficult negotiations with partners in the food retail sector. In contrast, Eckes-Granini was able to grow above all in the Scandinavian countries.



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