Key market segments
With juice and fruit beverages – ideally positioned in the market

As a leading juice producer, the Eckes-Granini Group markets its brands and products in the following segments of the fruit-beverage market:

  • Ambient fruit juices and nectars
  • Chilled fruit juices and smoothies
  • Fruit-based refreshment drinks
  • Fruit syrups Our core business is focused on ambient fruit juices and nectars, which also represent the largest segment in the entire fruit-beverage market.

We respond to the growing trend and the rising demand for chilled fruit beverages with premium juices and smoothies sold under the Brämhults and God Morgon brands in Scandinavia and Finland.

More and more consumers are opting today for natural-fruit refreshment drinks and thirst-quenchers. We offer attractive product lines in many different countries, including Die Limo from granini and the still thirst-quenchers from Marli Juissi in Finland.

Eckes-Granini has achieved considerable success with the YO and Mehukatti brands in the fruit-syrup segment.

“The fruitiest fruits from YO” come from Austria and enjoy immense popularity both in their home market and among German and Czech juice-lovers as well – to mention only a few of the most important countries.

Brands as success factor

With its unique business model based on the international premium brand granini and strong “local heroes”, Eckes-Granini holds an excellent position in the fruit-juice, fruit-beverage, syrup and smoothie segments.
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Our vision

We are the leading European fruit beverage company, creating sustainable company and category value with strong and unique brands.
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