Eckes-Granini is donating 500,000 litres of juice to corona helpers

| We’re donating 500,000 litres of juice in an effort to boost the strength of those who are doing everything they can in their jobs to ensure that we all survive the corona crisis unharmed.

“The best of fruit for a healthy and united community”: With this action logo we wish to express our gratitude as Europe’s leading supplier of fruit juices and fruit beverages within the context of the corona crisis. Through aid campaigns sponsored by our national subsidiaries and local brands, we are donating thousands of litres of juice, fruit beverages and smoothies to those who most in need of support in these difficult times – from hospital personnel to Red Cross helpers to volunteers in other aid organizations. With our products we hope to help ensure that they remain fit and healthy in spite of the enormous pressure under which they work.

Bringing joy with healthy fruit

All eleven of our European subsidiaries have already started distributing thousands of litres of juice – to hospitals, nursing and convalescent homes, military bases, food banks and kitchens serving the homeless. The commitment of our colleagues at Eckes-Granini France even goes a step farther: They are delivering coveralls, masks, shoe covers, gloves and other supplies to the hospital in Mâcon as well as glass and plastic bottles to the pharmacy school in Dijon, which produces disinfectants for regional hospitals.  

This campaign will continue in the weeks to come until the target of at least half a million litres is achieved

Press release


Eckes-Granini Ibérica has donated more than 50,000 bottles of granini and Pago juice to hospitals, food banks, the Red Cross and nursing homes.
Our colleagues from Sió-Eckes in Hungary have donated more than 30,000 bottles of SIÓ and hohes C juice to hospitals all over the country.
Eckes-Granini Deutschland is donating more than 70,000 litres of juice to charitable institutions, clinics and nursing homes in Rhineland Palatinate, where the company has its roots.
granini Romania supported people on the front lines in the battle against COVID-19 with its donation of more than 30,000 bottles of juice.
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