Putting smiles on children’s faces

Budapest, | Our Hungarian subsidiary, Sió-Eckes, delivers schoolbags to about 1,000 happy school children every year for 12 years now.

Sió-Eckes has been helping Hungarian families reduce their financial burden for 12 years now. For socially disadvantaged families, the purchase of school bags, pencils, rulers, etc. tears a big hole in the family wallet. Schools aware of this apply for Sió-Eckes’ schoolbag program that is even more relevant than ever in these special times. Our brand Sió is the fruit juice brand most popular with both young and old in Hungary – and kids particularly enjoy juices of the VitaTigris line. Accordingly, the schoolbags contain VitaTigris products as well as school utensils.

"We support less well-off families to reduce their burdens at the start of the school year – every school year," says Emese Bognár, Communication and Media Manager at Sió-Eckes, proudly. “Being a family-focused brand, the well-being of Hungarian children is very important to us.” Since the program’s start in 2008, 10,000 families have received schoolbags. The engagement is rounded off by a drawing competition where children not in need can help their less lucky schoolmates – this way, the integration of the socially disadvantaged kids play an important role in the program as well. Also, the children can win a special Sió party with their classmates as part of the drawing competition. The feedback is overwhelming: almost 30,000 drawings have been submitted so far since the start of the program. Amazed by the program’s success, the Eckes Family Foundation has been consistently donating EUR 20,000 for the program each year.

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