Juice donations hit important mark

| Eckes-Granini aims to donate 500,000 litres of juice to those who need it most during Corona. Now more than 250,000 litres have already arrived.

Hospital staff, volunteers, social services – they all are working under a great strain during Corona. In order to keep these people fit and healthy, Eckes-Granini is donating hundreds of thousands of litres of fruit juice and fruit drinks. All eleven subsidiaries do their part: 30,000 bottles of juice come from Romania, more than 70,000 litres of juice from Germany, more than 50,000 bottles from Spain. Employees of Eckes-Granini France even deliver coveralls, face masks and other non-food items.

Eckes-Granini wants the donations to be understood as a contribution to health and vitality as well as a sign of solidarity and appreciation for all those who do their best for others. The 250,000-litre mark was quickly reached – in big strides, donations continue towards the half million.

Corona Relief Fund

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