Empty bottles bring the fun

Nieder-Olm, | Eckes-Granini Belgium sweetens the home-schooling not only with granini juices, but also with creative craft ideas for the whole family.

While for some people the bottle is empty, for others it is full of potential. All it takes is a little creativity. The social media feeds of Eckes-Granini Belgium show just how creative one can get.On their Instagram and Facebook, empty granini bottles are turned into flower vases or toys with which the little ones can fight off boredom. In times of home office and home schooling, this is more important than ever.

"Flavour your Day" is the motto of the campaign which aims to sweeten people’s days. "This is the strength of our brand - turning a normal day into something special", says Jorgen Micheli, Senior Brand Manager International Business Development at Eckes-Granini Group.

The followers like it. Come on and join the creative handicrafts!

Keeping the little ones busy and the parents happy. It doesn't take much more than salt, a few pens and empty granini bottles.
Your favorite plants look even more beautiful in a self-made vase.
Looking good in pale pink: the iconic granini bottle as a vase.
Blowing in the wind: This empty bottle is enjoying its new life in the air.

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