| Sió fruit juices are very popular in Hungary. And Sió has now developed a new product for real fruit-lovers: Sió smoothies.

Sió is the market leader in Hungary and a truly traditional brand. With the new smoothies, Sió is underscoring its role as a pioneer in the Hungarian market, where they are still a relatively new product.

In keeping with the new slogan, “True joy by nature”, Sió is committed to sustainability – in top quality and with an intense flavour experience. Sió smoothies are available in three flavours:  “Tropical Mango” promises a summer feeling. “Forest Red Berries” is full of antioxidant-rich berries for healthy enjoyment. And “Cinnamon Quince” – a popular flavour in Hungary – caresses the mouth with spicy aromas. So there’s something for those who prefer to get their daily dose of vitamins from pureed fruits. 


The three smoothie varieties: “Tropical Mango”, “Forest Red Berries” und “Cinnamon Quince”.

The smoothies are sold in sustainable direct-printed glass bottles. Sió got the inspiration for the packaging design from true fruits, which also belongs to the Eckes-Granini Group. As the photos show, there really is 100% fruit in the glass! That will make these smoothies from Sió increasingly popular in Hungary (in addition to its fruit juices) – especially within the young target group.

The advertising campaign involving fashion and lifestyle influencers shows that Sió smoothies are a perfect fit for every look.
100% fruit in the glass: the “Tropical Mango” and “Forest Red Berries” smoothies from Sió.
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