| Eckes-Granini is now collaborating with Plant-for-the-Planet and planting 120,000 trees.

2019 Eckes-Granini became a climate-neutral business enterprise this year. In order to compensate for greenhouse gas emissions that cannot be reduced further, the Group has opted to participate in the Plant-for-the-Planet children and youth initiative.

Wood absorbs large quantities of carbon and can give us more time to respond effectively to climate change. Thus Plant-for-the-Planet has set itself the goal of planting one trillion trees, which will absorb one-fourth of the CO2 generated by human beings. The first tree has already been planted, and many more are to follow.

“We are very pleased that Eckes-Granini intends to plant some 120,000 tree on the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico, where the Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation has its own reforestation area in a degraded section of rainforest. We will be able to accomplish something there with those trees from Eckes-Granini”, says Camilla from Plant-for-the-Planet. Click here to learn more about Plant-for-the-Planet.

With the donations, Plant-for-the-Planet pays for example local forestry workers for planting the trees.

Eckes-Granini Deutschland’s climate neutrality and its collaboration with Plant-for-the-Planet serve as models for other relevant measures within the Group as a whole. Eckes-Granini Finland has also begun planting trees for a better climate. 

The reforestation area in Mexico.
Elder de la Cruz, forestry worker for Plant-for-the-Planet Mexico.
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