Budapest, Our Hungarian subsidiary Sió-Eckes strives for sustainability, so that the next generations can experience the true joy by nature in as many different and inspiring ways as possible. This is also evidenced by the achievements of recent years and their most recent cooperation.

Emese Bognár, Communications & Media Manager of Sió-Eckes, at the signing of the declaration.

Sió-Eckes sees itself as a "nature-driven company" and is increasingly focusing on sustainability and environmental protection. One of its most impressive recent accomplishments is its admission to the BCSDH, the Hungarian Business Council for Sustainable Development, a partner organization of the World Council. Moreover, the company recently signed the declaration of cooperation between the Hungarian Circular Economy Platform. “We are very proud to be able to contribute to accelerating the development of the circular economy in cooperation with local and foreign companies for whom sustainability and ecological balance are crucial”, says Emese Bognár of Sió-Eckes. The objectives of the circular economy include regenerating natural systems, keeping products and raw materials in use and eliminating waste and pollution.

The group of representatives of the newly joined companies.



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