Award-winning! Sustainable leadership at SIÓ-Eckes

Budapest, | For her sustainable commitment, Ágnes Kovács, General Manager SIÓ-Eckes, receives the Hungarian award "For a Sustainable Future".

With the "For a Sustainable Future" award, the Hungarian Business Council for Sustainable Development (BCSDH) recognizes outstanding corporate and leadership performance that strives to promote the achievement of the Hungarian Sustainable Development Goals and special commitment during the pandemic. One of them was received this year by Ágnes Kovács, our General Manager of SIÓ-Eckes in Budapest. “For us, Ágnes Kovács is an exemplary individual, both in personal and professional terms, who strengthens her company with innovative, forward-looking solutions”, says Irén Márta, BCSDH’s president at the virtual handover in the category “Change Leader”.

Ágnes Kovács has been General Manager of SIÓ-Eckes, the Hungarian national subsidiary of the Eckes-Granini Group, since 2017.

Ágnes Kovács has made a significant contribution to SIÓ-Eckes understanding of itself as nature-driven company and long-term sustainability is a strategic goal in all pillars of corporate operations. In the context of COVID-19, she has also taken a leading role in the local and international pandemic management. SIÓ-Eckes helped those who were most affected by the virus with several product donations and financial support for the Hospital in Siófok. 
“The award is an excellent feedback to our efforts in sustainability from an important third party”, says Ágnes Kovács. “It gives us great enthusiasm and strength to keep on going.”

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