Bringing shots to France

Mâcon, | Joker, the family brand of Eckes-Granini France, provides consumers with a kicking taste experience in the form of newly launched shots.

Health has become the first preoccupation of French people, even more so since the Covid-19 crisis hit. Also, 95 percent of the population is aware that balanced nutrition has a positive impact on health.

Meeting consumer expectations, Joker, the family brand of our subsidiary Eckes-Granini France, has added nutrition and well-being to its core mission. By doing so, Joker focuses on adults and millennials. By launching a shots range, the brand aims at becoming a big part of consumers' morning routines, adding health benefits. This approach is likely to yield good results: Shots are relatively new in France and only a few brands offer them. In addition, these products are available mainly online or in specialized shops. Joker takes a different route: Their affordabe shots will be available in everyday grocery stores and will come in multi serving bottles.

“Immun” mixes ginger, orange, mango, turmeric and is enriched with vitamins C, D and zinc. “Antioxidant” uses mate, raspberry, blackberry and acerola and is boosted with vitamins C, E and selenium. Both recipes are highlighting super ingredients (ginger, mate, acerola, …) as well as vitamins and minerals well known for their health benefits. Their taste is more intense than a juice and provides a real kick. Furthermore, the shot bottles are made out of 100% rPET and are recyclable.


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