Fighting food waste with TooGoodToGo

Ringe, | To reduce food waste, Rynkeby Food A/S is now collaborating with TooGoodToGo in Denmark. Products with a short shelf life are sold to happy customers at a great discount.

Every year, more than 47 million tons of still good food are thrown away in European homes. The company TooGoodToGo, started in Denmark in 2015, combats food waste via an app that enables users to buy discounted food that is still good but is soon to be thrown away.

By collaborating with TooGoodToGo, our national subsidiary Rynkeby Food A/S makes another important contribution to our sustainability goals as Eckes-Granini Group. The initiative promotes a more conscious approach to food, which counteracts the waste of resources such as the food itself and its transport.

A first test run left customers happy when they came to pick up 756 liters of juice and 62.5 kg of jam at the production plant in Ringe, Denmark. From now on and approximately once a month, the products with a short shelf life will pop up in the TooGoodToGo app or on their website so everyone can go and get the heavily discounted items. TooGoodToGo currently collaborates with over 75,000 companies in the world and educates children by holding training days on food waste at over 500 schools.



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