Juice passing through paper

Nieder-Olm, | When it comes to sustainability, we want to meet our responsibility and be a role model. Therefore, we are replacing our plastic straws with sustainable ones made of paper.

What has been agreed upon in an EU directive for July 2021 we are already making a reality.


The first national subsidiaries of the Eckes-Granini Group to switch to paper straws are now Lithuania and Finland. In Lithuania, the first "Elmenhorster" drink packs with paper straws will be on supermarket shelves from November 2020. In Finland, the 0.2l drink packs of the brand "Mehukatti Luomu" with paper straw will be available in January 2021.


The impact of the initiative by Eckes-Granini is big: Around 32 million straws are needed each year for the drink packs of the popular "Elmenhorster" and "Mehukatti" brands. The changeover in Lithuania and Finland alone has already saved the Eckes-Granini Group 11.3 tonnes of disposable plastic each year.

And this is only the beginning: The conversion of straws for drink packs of the Eckes-Granini brand hohes C in Germany is also planned for the near future.

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