Just take a shot – at health!

Brämhult, | Strengthening the immune system – Brämhults launched new shots during a sports event.

With their positive health properties, the new "Immune" and "Antioxidant" varieties added to the successful shot range of our Swedish brand Brämhults give valuable power to the immune system. Targeting the health-conscious public with the market launch, Eckes-Granini Sweden came up with something special and brought the liquid strengtheners to the very place where people feel exhausted: the gym.

The campaign called "Just take a shot" was created in fall 2020. The goal of it was to create a forum for inspired people, wishing to spread their inspiration even further. It is also about taking a Brämhults shot, to create a positive habit to kickstart every new day. Therefore, our subsidiary partnered with Fightbox, an exclusive CrossFit gym in Stockholm, to host a sporting event celebrating the launch, the "Brämhults bootcamp". Together with a group of influencers dedicated consumers worked up a sweat during athletic CrossFit exercises. Everyone fortified themselves with the new Brämhults shots. Participation was raffled off in advance on social media. The idea behind was to elevate health, to inspire and motivate people to live a more healthy lifestyle and to inspire to a new habit by starting the day with a Brämhults shot. The feedback? "Great, nice to experience a boot camp together again, with such a vitamin-rich surprise to boot!"

Shots in action

The shot "Immune" is a new edition of the previous ginger shot with an updated formula adding vitamins B6, B12 and folic acid. The antioxidant shot contains apple, blueberries, chili and vitamin E which helps protect our cells from oxidative stress. All ingredients are freshly pressed, making the shots a great tasting experience and giving them a clear functional benefit thanks to the added vitamins.


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