Marli has a new purpose

Turku, | With a new brand purpose, slogan and logo plus lots of enthusiasm, our brand Marli aims at bringing consumers everything that is natural, healthy and Finnish.

Our brand Marli has the longest expertise when it comes to berry and fruit beverages in Finland and Finns have been trusting the brand for years.

They know: When they buy a Marli product of Eckes-Granini Finland they get natural and tasty berry and fruit beverages that are good for them and our planet – that is Marli’s promise. Now Marli wanted to make it even easier for consumers to get something that is “good by nature”, according to the new Marli slogan.

Berry gets more dynamic

Along with the new slogan comes a new logo that is set to not only be more sympathetic and give an airy impression but to also work better in digital media. The established logo was made rounder and has clearer typography than before. Of course, the simplified berry integral to the Marli brand is still part of the logo – only now it looks even more dynamic!

Less material, more sustainable

Furthermore, Marli is focusing on sustainability and has introduced new packaging for Marli Natur, their 100% juice range. The brown board packaging is carbon-neutral and its smaller cap reduces material used. 

The Finns are taking the same approach with their line of Marli Vital juice drinks that come in a carbon-neutral FSC carton, too. Further, health claims and health-related stories on the packaging make it easy for consumers to choose the right product for their individual health benefit needs.

Getting everything that is “good by nature” has never been easier for Finns!


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