Right recycling via app

St. Florian, | Eckes-Granini Austria supports a forward-looking initiative for the proper recycling of single-use packaging.

Our national subsidiary Eckes-Granini Austria, known for the fruit juice and syrup brands Pago, hohes C and YO, pays attention not only to high-quality products but also to sustainability. That is why all juice packaging is already 100% recyclable. With its commitment to closed material cycles and functioning recycling, Eckes-Granini Austria supports the RecycleMich (Recycle me) nitiative to increase the collection rate. After all, 90 percent of single-use beverage packaging is to be returned to the recycling loop by 2029. This was decided by the EU in 2020. Together with other Austrian beverage producers, the first step of the RecycleMich initiative has been taken: an app to reward proper recycling.

Eckes-Granini makes a contribution

"We at Eckes-Granini Austria are delighted to be a partner in this great initiative,” says Petra Nothdurfter, General Manager Eckes-Granini Austria. “With this innovative digital solution, we can raise awareness among our consumers and invite them to join in - so everyone can make their contribution quickly and easily!". The app will initially be tested in a pilot project in Vienna.

Users of the app take a photo of the yellow garbage can, scan the barcode on the PET bottle or can and then dispose of it properly. With each registered package, users collect points they can then exchange for restaurant or hotel vouchers.

App shows effects

And the system works! A study conducted by Austrian media analysis agency OBSERVER shows that 63 percent of the Viennese say it makes them more willing to recycle correctly. App-solutely amazing!




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