The healthy shot into the day

Nieder-Olm, | The vitamin power of hohes C is now available in a concentrated small format: hohes C Super Shots with the vitamin formulas Immune and Antiox.

From mid-August on, there will be something new on the supermarket shelves where there have been large hohes C bottles until now: hohes C Super Shots in new, concentrated and small formats! What makes them so super? They bring the vitamin power of our hohes C brand in pleasantly spicy, small portions for daily consumption - and boast significantly more vitamins than comparable products.

"With the hohes C Super Shots, we offer concentrated, drinkable health from the heart of our anchor brand," says Philipp Hemmer, Marketing Director Eckes-Granini Germany. "They are the delicious vitamin kick for daily routines and the ideal complement to a balanced and healthy lifestyle."

hohes C Super Shots: A sip of health

hohes C Super Shots’ Immune variety is a mix of apple, orange, acerola, lemon and mango with Madagascar ginger and turmeric. It is pleasantly spicy and fruity. Its immune formula with vitamins C and D and zinc support the immune system. One serving (66 ml) contains 100% of the daily requirement of vitamin C, 75% of vitamin D and 38% of zinc. 

The Antiox variety contains the concentrated berry power of blackberry, raspberry and strawberry, combined with chokeberry and green mate tea extract. It is a sweet-tart taste experience with that certain something extra. The antiox formula of vitamin C, vitamin E and selenium helps protect cells from oxidative stress. One serving already (66 ml) covers the daily requirement of 100% of vitamin C, 75% of vitamin E and 15% of selenium. The bottle is made of 100% recycled PET and holds 330 ml, a total of five ready-to-drink shot portions (66 ml each) for the entire week.

By the way: The small shots are also easily available on Amazon!


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