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Nieder-Olm, | The safety, health and well-being of our employees is very important to us. An article by Kerstin Rücker, Director Human Resources & Organizational Development.

Over the past decades, sustainability has become a global challenge and the principle of sustainability has become an inevitable necessity in business life. Sustainable business is always based on committed, loyal and well-trained employees, on reliable supply chains as well as solid corporate management and effective corporate communication. Kerstin Rücker, Director Human Resources & Organizational Development Eckes-Granini Group, contributed an article to the 30th edition of „HR-Trends 2021“, a German textbook recently published. In her text, she talks about what it takes to strategically develop towards better health and well-being in an international medium-sized company. We present her most important results:

Expert in strategic HR management and organizational development in „HR-Trends 2021“: Kerstin Rücker.

Sustainability has always been of particular importance for family enterprises like Eckes-Granini. In this context, sustainable business also means being committed to all people working along the global value chain. However, focusing distinctly on the health and well-being of employees as part of a sustainability strategy is a rather recent development. Often, companies limit themselves to asking what kind of commitment their employees make to sustainability. These commitments, some of them voluntary, are important and necessary because they have a binding effect that shapes company culture and makes sustainable actions visible. Although this is also true for Eckes-Granini, from our perspective it is equally important how the company treats its employees in the spirit of sustainability.

As an organization, our concern is to provide a healthy and pleasant working environment where people can get involved and contribute. Appreciation, trust, positive leadership and an open form of communicating are topics we consciously and continuously work on.


Doing our part

As a company, we strive to maintain a culture of open and fear-free dialog, promote preventive action, demand value-based leadership and take measures throughout the Group to effectively support our employees' health and well-being. By doing so, we work towards strengthening awareness among managers and employees for a health-preserving environment and beneficial cooperation. Personal responsibility, of each individual, is also of great importance.

Dialog and transparency as success factors

Eckes-Granini has therefore initiated an interesting form of dialogue and development process between representatives from all national organizations, functional areas and hierarchical levels. Agile, iterative, co-creative procedures and new methods are being tested. Step by step, the team responsible for these dialogues is accumulating experience and process reliability.

 Our goal

The goal is to set a common framework and orientation for the sustainability topic "health and well-being" and to define focus topics and corresponding fields of work. Depending on employees' local needs and cultural conditions, actions within the framework will be taken accordingly.

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