New products from Austria

Eckes-Granini Austria launches innovations in YO fruit syrup and hohes C.

As a fan of mineral water you might not believe it, but many people prefer to drink their juice mixed with still water. That is why our colleagues at Eckes-Granini Austria are launching a “hohes C Durstlöscher” (thirst quencher) with still water. It is available in three varieties: PLUS magnesium & B vitamins, Lernfit! PLUS iron & vitamin D and mild multivitamin. One bottle covers the daily requirement of vitamin C—and by the way, the 0.5-litre PET bottle is ideal for consumption on the go. But that's just the beginning when it comes to new products from Austria.

YO focuses on the trend for glass bottles

YO Fruchtvoll (full of fruits) syrup, which was launched in December 2018, is now available in a new 0.5-litre glass bottle (previously: 0.35 PET) and with a slightly different label. The syrup is convincing by its intense fruit flavour, with a high level of juice content and fruit purees—and it comes with 30% less sugar. YO Fruchtvoll is available in apricot and berry varieties.

YO Bio syrups in 0.5-litre glass bottles will also be launched in June. Under the slogan “The fruitiest fruits now also in organic”, the flavours raspberry-lemon, red and black currant and lemon balm are vying for new juice lovers.


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