Eckes-Granini and Kaufland are bidding farewell to empty runs and reducing CO2

Eckes-Granini and Kaufland have agreed to share transport space in order to avoid empty runs and idle times in logistics

And it works like this: As soon as goods from Eckes-Granini have been unloaded at the Kaufland distribution centre, the lorry is loaded with new Kaufland goods destined for the nearest Kaufland store. In other words, the goods can be delivered to that store on the return trip to the Eckes-Granini warehouse in Hennef. Kaufland and Eckes-Granini will be managing this flow of goods with the aid of real-time data. The optimal delivery chain can be calculated on the basis of Big Data and artificial intelligence. In this way, goods are made more readily available to customers and CO2 emissions are substantially reduced: “The cooperation with Kaufland reduces CO2 emissions by 25 tons per year. Not only do we reduce the downtimes and empty runs of trucks at the same time, but we also use the loading space much more efficiently," says Steffen Riedel, Head of Logistics at Eckes-Granini Germany. It’s a successful cooperative arrangement, as Jens Tomas Skuderis, who heads the International Distribution Logistics Department at Kaufland agrees: “Mutual trust and the courage to pursue new paths are the keys to successful cooperation. Kaufland is very pleased to have found in Eckes-Granini a partner that is willing to engage in this kind of cooperation based on trust”. Additional logistics warehouses will be involved in future as well. Eckes-Granini and Kaufland were honoured with the ECR Award for this exemplary approach.


Everything done in one trip: Eckes-Granini and Kaufland shares the transport space.
At the Kaufland distribution centre, Eckes-Granini goods are exchanged for Kaufland goods.
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