Award-winning innovations from SIÓ-Eckes!

This year's Hungarian Innovation Award “Inno d'Or - Innovation of the Year 2021” goes to two local products of Eckes-Granini’s subsidiary SIÓ-Eckes.

The "Inno d'Or - Innovation of the Year 2021" award every year rewards value-added innovations that are a solution to a definable customer or consumer demand, respond to a trend or are the result of an existing development inspired by a specific need. The products were evaluated by an expert jury on the basis of five criteria (innovation, trend, market advantage, market results, market potential). Two of our SIÓ-Eckes products have won!

Significant novelty in the juice category

The SIÓ Smoothies from our Hungarian national company have been the local market leader for some time now. The "Fresh Kiwi" flavour is particularly exciting, the newest member of the smoothie family - and as of now also an award winner. Because with its exciting fruit combination, it is a refreshing and delicious treat for breakfast or for a snack in-between.

hohes C's chilled juices are unique on the Hungarian market. The direct-pressed orange, orange-mango and pineapple flavours offer an intense and refreshing experience for all consumers who love chilled juices. They received the second award. "With our innovations, we always want to add value and offer enjoyable and healthy solutions," says Emese Bognar, Communication and Media Manager SIÓ-Eckes. "It is always a pleasure for us when we receive recognition for this from the professional jury in addition to consumers." So, new exciting innovations can come!

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