Marli Juissi – the extra for teens

With the new products ice tea and lemonade, Marli Juissi is striking a chord with Finnish youth.

Marli Juissi, one of our brands from our national subsidiary Eckes-Granini Finland, was always very popular with the young, hip crowd: Skateboarders could be seen drinking directly from the 1-liter-carton in the streets and on skateparks. It became the go-to variety of juice drink with younger Finns. But to keep up with the times and remain that exciting, now teenagers have even more varieties to enjoy - and far from the usual juice.

Ice Tea and lemonade: Indulgence is key

Eckes-Granini Finland introduced the new product range of Marli Juissi ice tea. To attract consumer attention, one of the most popular flavors came as a new: ice tea lemon. But that’s not all: Spurred on by the positive feedback of the consumers, Eckes-Granini Finland decided to offer another exciting product concept: Marli Juissi lemonades with delicious recipes, including lots of pulp.

Catering especially to young women who like to indulge sometimes, the new Marli Juissi lemonades are presented with the slogan “All you need is love and lemonade.” Both campaigns were a complete success on social media, even including some influencers. That’s the innovative power Eckes-Granini has in store!

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