One day for sustainability

Eckes-Granini employees are engaged in a variety of projects during their first Group-wide Sustainability Day.

Eckes-Granini gets down to it! Last week, the Group-wide Eckes-Granini Sustainability Day was held for the first time. Many of the 1,700 employees at the Group's ten European locations were involved in projects organized by local employees in each country. The fields of activity were oriented to the six fields of action of the Eckes-Granini Sustainability Strategy: Social Responsibility, Employees and Work Culture, Healthy Food, Packaging, Climate Protection and Sustainable Juice. The goal: to assume responsibility for people and the environment - and to do so as a shared ONE Eckes-Granini experience.

"All of us in the Eckes-Granini Group care about people and the environment," says Tim Berger, CEO of the Eckes-Granini Group. "That's why we actively take responsibility for the people who contribute to our company's success and dedicate an entire workday for Eckes-Granini employees in all European subsidiaries to volunteer on various local projects."

Diverse projects for sustainability

At the Nieder-Olm site in Germany, employees were invited to a Clean-up Day on this day - a mixture of action and information. First, employees worked in small groups to collect trash in the surrounding communities. A subsequent "Sustainability Market" on the Eckes-Granini Campus provided valuable information on the topic of "Sustainability in Personal Everyday Life". At the Bröl and Bad Fallingbostel plants, there was a matching sustainability action week with expert presentations on topics such as waste disposal and avoidance in the factory, technical implementation and special features of recycled PET (r-PET) as well as a waste collection campaign at the end of the week as well.

Employees at the site in Austria baked cookies for seriously ill children, the Lithuanians visited an academy for healthy living, and in Hungary and France employees were also introduced to sustainability in their personal everyday lives in various workshops. In Spain, local employees visited a farm for sustainable agriculture, and in Sweden the Sustainability Day was dedicated to the charity cycling initiative Team Rynkeby, which has been raising money for seriously ill children for years. Some of the activities were accompanied by small competitions on waste reduction or personal health. "I am proud of the commitment and ideas of my colleagues for this special day and am already looking forward to 2022, when we will enter the next round with our Sustainability Day," says Tim Berger, CEO of the Eckes-Granini Group, pointing to the future.


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