Team Rynkeby Europe at the starting line

This year, 57 regional teams will be joined for the first time by an international team in support of Europe’s leading charity cycling initiative.

The next run starts in early July. Over 2,000 cyclists from twelve different countries will be riding to Paris and collecting donations for critically ill children. New to the group this year: 30 cyclists from the international Team Rynkeby Europe.

The team members from Spain, Lithuania, France, Hungary, Germany, Denmark and Sweden are currently in the midst of their preparations. The riders new have their yellow bicycles. Although training has already begun, the cyclists from seven different countries can’t always train together. And the search for sponsors is nearing its end. In addition to Eckes-Granini as partner of the charity cycling tour, each team has inspired other regional sponsors to support the good cause. The French members of Team Europe have even produced a video for that purpose. The sponsors’ logos appear on the 42 available spots on the yellow jerseys. It has already been decided where the money collected by Team Rynkeby Europe after the 950 kilometre tour in July will go. The beneficiaries include the Kinderkrebsstiftung (Childhood Cancer Foundation) in Germany, Pour Emma, a French organization devoted to supporting research on childhood cancer and the SJD Pediatric Cancer Center in Barcelona

A truly good cause! Learn how you can become a sponsor yourself here


The video presents the latest facts and figures for Europe’s leading charity sports initiative and conveys a sense of how it feels to be a part of the Team Rynkeby family.
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