Apricot kernels as clothing – a second life for sustainability

In Eckes-Granini Switzerland's "Sustainable Innovation Challenge", students created art and everyday objects from Valais apricot kernels. The sustainability project puts the local fruit in the spotlight and encourages the innovational spirit.

Combining creativity and sustainable development is the goal of Eckes-Granini Switzerland's "Sustainable Innovation Challenge". The first edition of the competition focused on Valais apricots: 65 students from four art, design and architecture schools in western Switzerland breathed new life into apricot kernels.

In the process, they found creative uses for the kernels in everyday objects and works of art. The Valais apricot serves as a link between the students and the Valais apricot farmers and was intended to encourage them to think about the kernels’ sustainability potential together.

Apricot kernels as design objects

"We are very pleased to put this project into practice and to see that the students are highly motivated in their approach to the idea of creating a creative and unique concept around Valais apricot kernels," says Lydie Goetschin Brizzi, Group Brand Manager at Eckes-Granini Switzerland.

A jury of well-known Western Swiss personalities awarded prizes to five projects in the categories of product design, architecture, jewellery and stop-motion. At the award ceremony on 1 June 2022, the winners were presented with a cheque of 1000 Swiss francs. First place went to a kimono made of apricot kernels and non-toxic brass. A sustainable beehive made second place and the third prize went to a minimalist quill pen. An exhibition of the objects at the Alimentarium Museum in Vevey is on prospect, as is the production of several models like the beehive.

Apricots, pears, apples, 100% Swiss granini fruit juices

Sustainability is one of Eckes-Granini Switzerland's most important goals. That's why the company is expanding short transport routes, promoting the use of local raw materials and giving priority to Swiss fruit when possible. The brand has been producing Swiss fruit juices for around ten years. Its range was recently expanded to include Valais apricot juice and Swiss Williams pear juice.  



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