Eckes-Granini shows sustainability spirit

Employees at Eckes-Granini engaged in activities ranging from planting trees and collecting waste to creative workshops on secondary design and made the second group-wide Sustainability Day a great success.

“I am very proud of the broad commitment to this special day," said Tim Berger, CEO of the Eckes-Granini Group after the second group-wide Sustainability Day on September 29. "Eckes-Granini has always been a company where people take center stage and make the difference," added Kerstin Rücker, Director Human Resources & Organizational Development at Eckes-Granini. A great energy could be felt, she said, and praised the networking across teams, countries and the entire company and the ‘hands-on’ approach that support the company’s sustainability goals in a big way.

The various projects in the subsidiaries dealt with different aspects of Eckes-Granini's key sustainability areas: Employees at Eckes-Granini Germany planted trees and berry bushes, built herb beds, built a beehive and took care of orchards. Production was run at a reduced capacity to facilitate the efforts towards more sustainability. Eckes-Granini Austria collected waste in the municipalities surrounding the office. The Danish colleagues got busy with activities, quizzes and the promotion of Team Rynkeby. Employees of Eckes-Granini in France held workshops about a healthy diet and cooking without waste. Aside from collecting waste, there was money raised for local association Pour Emma that helps ill children.

In Sweden, people got sporty for sustainability, focusing on health and wellbeing, and even having a paddleboard tournament that took place at a former Brämhults factory. Sustainability Day was rounded off with joint cooking and a townhall meeting where Team Rynkeby participants shared their experiences. At Eckes-Granini Hungary, colleagues were connected via a remote event that revolved around planting and everyday sustainability activities.

In Lithuania the employess organized a creative event-class with the main topics “secondary design” and “environmental protection” that educated employees and raised awareness for sustainability. In order to beautify the beach, the Spanish colleagues collected waste on the beach and cooperated with the Ecomar foundation that offered workshops revolving around sustainability.

“This year's Sustainability Day was another great success and we are looking forward to number 3 in 2023,” said CEO Tim Berger.



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