Eckes-Granini first German company to receive "Lean & Green" 3rd Star

Eckes-Granini is the first company in Germany to be certified and awarded the 3rd Star of the "Lean & Green" initiative by GS1 Germany for its sustainable logistics.

Eckes-Granini Germany already received the 1st Star Award in 2018, followed by the 2nd Star as early as 2020 and now the 3rd Star a year later. Since 2012, a proud balance can be drawn: Over the past nine years, the company has single-mindedly pursued its reduction targets in the action plan and, building on them, swiftly implemented a multi-stage concept of measures, on the basis of which 4,838 tons of CO2 and thus around 36% of logistics-related greenhouse gas emissions have been saved.

"Lean & Green": Determination pays off

Eckes-Granini Germany has implemented the following major projects in recent years to achieve the 3rd Star: 

•    A process optimization of the cross-company supply chain in the form of transport space sharing together with the customer Kaufland,
•    the expansion of storage capacities in Bad Fallingbostel and the commissioning of an additional production line to reduce plant relocations,
•    the optimization of transport capacity utilization through an additional layer of pallets,
•    the integration of liquefied natural gas (LNG) trucks into the company's own logistics fleet
•    and the shift of domestic transports in combined transport to rail in cooperation with DB Cargo.

More information on the "Lean & Green" initiative is available here.


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