Donation campaign

500,000 litres of juice for corona helpers

The Eckes-Granini Group is represented by corporate locations in eleven European countries. Our products are sold world-wide. Our employees and their families, our business partners, the cities and communities we serve and every single citizen in each of these countries bear the massive impact of the corona pandemic. Thus the entire international Eckes-Granini team is especially grateful to the occupational groups and voluntary helpers who ensure that people’s everyday needs are met – in spite of their difficult working conditions and the many health risks involved. Eckes-Granini is proud to support these “corona helpers” by donating products amounting to a total quantity of 500,000 litres. 

Recognition for system-relevant occupational groups and a gesture of solidarity with people in need

With our product range and the vitamins and minerals contained in our juices, we, as the Eckes-Granini Group, wish to make a small contribution to keeping people in system-relevant occupations fit and healthy. Our national subsidiaries are also intent upon stocking the warehouses of local charitable organization and social service providers that provide meals or foods and beverages to those in need. The juices, fruit beverages and smoothies are meant above all as gestures of solidarity and recognition, however.

All eleven national organizations are taking part in the campaign

In March of this year, all eleven national subsidiaries of the Eckes-Granini Group began distributing thousands of litres of juice to hospitals, nursing homes, military installations, food banks, kitchens for the homeless and other public service facilities. The campaign will continue through the summer of 2020.

The campaign logo appeals for solidarity in contemporary society

The Eckes-Granini also uses its logo for the purpose of drawing attention to the importance of social solidarity in the current situation, and employs its claim – “The best of fruit for a healthy and united community” – in support of its social engagement.