Together for climate protection: We work climate neutral

It is our declared goal to make a measurable contribution to the fight against climate change and to gradually reduce and offset the greenhouse gas emissions caused directly or indirectly by our business activities. We are continuously implementing new measures to come closer to this goal. By modernizing plants, purchasing green electricity and reducing fuel consumption in our logistics fleet, we have been reducing our CO2 footprint throughout Europe for years. 

Climate protection project protects 17,872 hectares of Amazon forest in Brazil

To become a climate neutral company, we compensate our unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions by supporting designated climate protection projects. From 2021, we offset 43,000 tons of CO2 emissions from our direct business activities per year by supporting a climate protection project implemented by ClimatePartner in Portel, Brazil. To this end, all eleven Eckes-Granini European subsidiaries bear the ClimatePartner label "Climate Neutral Company".

The climate protection project is committed to preserving the Amazon region and its flora and fauna and protects a total of 151,150 hectares of forest in the region every year. The goal of the project is to transfer the land rights of the area to the residents of Portel. In this way, the forest is protected in the long term from being cleared and used for agriculture. In addition, the project ensures alternative sources of income and educational opportunities for the residents of Portel, for example by growing pepper or training forest rangers.
More information about the project in Portel.

With our contribution, we support ClimatePartner in preserving around 17,872 hectares of Amazon forest each year and together we make a measurable contribution to climate action.