Responsibility for people
Employees at Eckes-Granini

Our Goals

As a family-owned enterprise, we firmly believe that it is people who make the difference. It is people who keep things moving within the organization and play a key role in our success. We invest extensively in personnel development and offer modern working conditions so as to ensure that we consistently recruit qualified and dedicated employees with whom we can evolve progressively into a high-performance organization.

  • We help our employees balance the demands of everyday work and family life.
  • We place strong emphasis on health and occupational safety.
  • We invest in systematic personnel development measures.
  • We pursue new paths in the area of workplace design.

What we've achieved already

Flexible planning in both the personal and professional spheres is an essential element of a viable model for life. As a modern employer, we at Eckes-Granini offer a wide range of opportunities for flexible job design. Innovative office solutions, such as our parent-and-child offices, provide support for parents in situations in which no child-care is available. Cross-functional open-plan offices like the “Out of the bottle” office of the Die Limo team in Germany contribute to the improvement of communication and team spirit and are thus key drivers of innovation. This initiative was honoured with the HR Excellence Award.

In order to promote the well-being of our employees, we offer them fruit, fruit juice and water free of charge during the workday. We actively promote the health of our employees through online courses, health days and activities in cooperation with local partners, such as sport clubs.

Because the many different jobs at Eckes-Granini require many different skills and specialized know-how, we offer the right job-entry programme for every new employee. Our training positions and our Trainee Programme are designed to promote the acquisition of sound practical and theoretical knowledge as a foundation for future careers. With our targeted concept for young-employee development we also fulfil our social responsibility as a family-owned enterprise.

Regular employee surveys on various issues, such continuing-education opportunities and training programmes, for example, provide additional insights on the subject of sustainability. Nearly 90% of the employees surveyed regard sustainability is an integral component of our corporate strategy. And over 80% of all employees view Eckes-Granini as an organization that recognizes its responsibility to society and the environment.

We appreciate the fact that our engagement on behalf of the organization and its employees is recognized and honoured in the outside world as well. Eckes-Granini Deutschland was selected by FOCUS magazine as a top employer and praised for its achievements in the field of personnel policy.

What we're working on

On our way to becoming a high-performance organization, we plan to invest in the development of our organization and its employees through long-term action plans. New action plans are currently being drafted on the basis of the survey conducted in late 2017.

Our activities and programmes in the area of personnel development are devoted to promoting self-initiative as well as flexible and creative approaches to work. We are proud to see that our employees stand behind our organization with their hearts and minds and are contributing constructively to the achievement of our common goals. As an employer, we will continue to expand the scope of these activities in a sustainable manner as we work to establish the best possible working environment for our people.


Social Engagement

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