Responsibility for people
Social Engagement

Our Goals

In our opinion, corporate responsibility also means looking beyond our own doorstep and providing help for those who are not as well off as we are. We focus in that respect on social initiatives that relate to essential aspects of our fruit-juice business (fruit, nutrition, health) – especially in regions in which we are actively engaged. We place special emphasis on projects devoted to improving the living circumstances of needy families in which our employees are personally involved.

What we've achieved already

Eckes-Granini has been supporting social and charitable institutions and projects for decades. Financial support is contributed primarily by the Eckes Family Foundation. We have been engaged in this work in a variety of forms since the early 1970s – on behalf of initiatives in the region around our headquarters in Nieder-Olm in recognition of our tradition and local ties, for example, and through the International Charity Project launched in 2008, which is devoted to providing help where our employees recognize a need. Our national organizations in all European countries also support a wide range of social projects in their respective regions.

The entire Eckes-Granini Group has been involved in an international aid project in Ethiopia in cooperation with World Vision since 2015. The goal of the project is to increase agricultural production in the region while teaching people about the principles of healthy nutrition. An especially important focal point is the educational programme for pregnant woman, mothers who breast-feed their children and youth, which is devoted to conveying the principles of good nutrition and reducing the rates of illness and mortality resulting from malnutrition. The project seeks to help residents of the region develop a sustainable, self-reliant lifestyle by providing them with farming tools and irrigation equipment as well as vegetable seeds, planting household and school gardens, supplying them with laying hens and offering practical advice regarding healthy methods of cooking and storing food. Our employees also contribute with personal donations made within the context of Christmas campaigns to the implementation of important projects devoted to such matters as school construction, the purchase of milk cows or the planting of school gardens.

Yet another focal point of our social engagement since the integration of Rynkeby is Team Rynkeby. In 2002, eleven employees cycled from Scandinavia to Paris for the first time and collected donations for a fellow employee’s child who was suffering from cancer. This charity project, which is now carried out annually, is the largest of its kind. Donations amounting to 9.4 million euros were collected on behalf of children with cancer in 2018.

What we're working on

We intend to fulfil our social responsibility in future as we continue to help people in need of support at both the regional and international levels. However, it is people who make the difference when it comes to social engagement as well. Many of our employees are involved in social projects of various kinds, and it is they who make the progressive development and sustained existence of these projects possible.

Responsibility for people

In our opinion, corporate responsibility also means looking beyond our own doorstep and providing help for those who are not as well off as we are.
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Team Rynkeby

Cycling for a good cause
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