Team Rynkeby

Cycling for a good cause

Team Rynkeby is our newest international lighthouse project – a “charity Tour de France” based on a simple yet captivating idea: “Do something good for yourself and your health and do the same for others – namely children with cancer and their families – while spending precious time with others.”

The project was launched in 2002, when eleven cyclists rode from Denmark to France to watch the last stage of the Tour de France and collect donations for a colleague’s child who was suffering from leukaemia. Donations amounted to 5,000 euros that year.

One of the most ambitious charity projects of this kind in the world

Now, more and more people make the 1,440-kilometre journey to the finish line on the Champs-Élysées every year. Members of the team include numerous employees as well as “outsiders”, such as Danish Prime Minister Rasmussen and other prominent figures who endure the arduous trip as well as the weeks of training required in advance of the event. The experience is definitely worth the effort, for anyone who has ever taken part as a rider in Team Rynkeby or viewed the impressive images of the cyclists in their yellow jerseys from the roadside will never forget it. It is almost like the “real” Tour de France.

Donations in the millions on behalf of children with cancer

Last year alone, 1,900 cyclists from 48 teams from Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway and the Faroe Islands along with 400 volunteer helpers took part in the tour – a gigantic undertaking and a concerted effort that proved more than worthwhile. The project brought in donations amounting to 9.4 million euros on behalf of children with cancer. That was a new record. And since we hope to expand this successful concept embodied by Team Rynkeby to other countries served by the Eckes-Granini Group in the near future, we may soon be able to cheer not only for participants from the Nordic region, but also for cyclists from Germany, Austria and Switzerland as they circle the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

New branding campaign

With the new communication campaign Rynkeby thanking Team Rynkeby participants and sponsors for their support and contribution for the Children’s Cancer Foundation.

Team Rynkeby has always been - and always will be - the project of the participants. It is the participants of Team Rynkeby who has made the project what it is today.


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