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Our Goals

Our guiding principle is expressed in the following claim: “We offer every consumer the best of fruit for a health and enjoyable life, day in and day out.” We back this claim with top-quality raw materials, responsible resource management and environmentally compatible technologies. We have defined the following goals within the context of our medium-term planning for the period ending in 2020.

  • To educate consumers about the healthy ingredients contained in fruit juices
  • To reduce the amount of sugar added to our fruit nectars, fruit-juice drinks and fruit syrups by 10%
  • To introduce new products with reduced sugar content
  • To introduce organically grown products with special health benefits
  • To use 100% FSC-certified carton and secondary packaging materials
  • To achieve further weight reductions of 10% and 20%, respectively, in PET bottles and caps

What we've achieved already

Eckes-Granini is a key participant in the “Fruit Juice Matters” campaign launched by the AIJN fruit-juice association in cooperation with its national affiliates for the purpose of showing consumers how many beneficial ingredients are contained in fruit juice as a pure, natural product.

In response to the ongoing debate regarding sugar, Eckes-Granini has carried out numerous sugar-reduction projects in several different countries. New reduced-sugar varieties of DIE Limo (DIE Limo Light) and Joker (with coconut water) have also been introduced in 2018.

Organically grown products and those with special health benefits play an important role in the process of portfolio development. The hohes C Plus range has been introduced with success, for example. The Group is responding to the rising demand for organic products with such innovations as the God Morgon Eco range in the Nordic countries, where Eckes-Granini is the leading supplier of organic juices, and the Joker Le Bio products in France.

We have now begun the process of converting completely to FSC-certified materials for carton and secondary packaging units. We have also achieved substantial reductions in the weight of our PET bottles and now expect to meet our goal of a 10% weight reduction by the year 2020. Thanks to our investment in the innovative Plasmax technology in Germany, in which an ultra-thin layer of glass inside the PET bottle provides optimal protection for flavour and ingredients (as a “vitamin safe), we can now produce PET bottles made of up to 50% rPET.

What we're working on

We will continue to pursue systematic reductions of packaging material and step up the use of recycled and materials and bioplastics in the production of PET bottles.

Priority objectives presently include further reductions in the sugar content of fruit nectars, fruit-juice drinks and fruit syrups as well as the introduction of new reduced-sugar products. We also plan to move ahead with the expansion of our organic ranges and the introduction of products with special health benefits.

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