Sustainability strategy
The principle of responsible action: an integral component of our business strategy

Environmental and social aspects have always played an important role for Eckes-Granini as a family-owned enterprise. In recognition of the growing social significance of sustainability and our commitment to responsible action, we developed a Group-wide sustainability strategy in 2013, and embedded it in our Corporate Strategy Agenda 2020.

Our Group sustainability strategy, which we conceived with considerable thought and are still refining progressively today, clearly reflects our roots as a family-owned business, with its fundamental beliefs and strengths.

As one of the roughly 40 members of the ZNU (Zentrum für nachhaltige Unternehmensführung), a network of partners from the fields of business and scientific research, Eckes-Granini is constantly concerned with sustainability issues of relevance to all sectors of the economy.

Our commitment to sustainable management

Our commitment to sustainable management is a key element of our established Purpose. On that basis we strive to balance the social, economic and environmental consequences of our business activities. As specified in our Code of Conduct, the organization and its employees are expected to act in a sustainable and socially responsible manner at all times.

Achieving continuous, sustainable progress

In keeping with our strategic concept, we focus on three keys areas: products, the value chain and people. And it is in those three areas that we seek to achieve continuous progress. We assess our efforts on the basis of strict standards, and are constantly setting new goals for ourselves – always taking into account the three aspects that are most essential to our organization:

the quality of our products,
the values of our family-owned enterprise
and local ties to our various corporate locations.

These factors are also reflected in the initiatives and measures we develop and implement in support of our sustainability policy.

Sustainability and Environmental Statement 2017 – 2020

Responsible conduct as a firm component of our corporate strategy
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