Responsibility for the value chain
Raw materials

Our Goals

Reliable raw material suppliers from all over the world are an essential prerequisite for optimum product quality. Therefore, we work exclusively with certified suppliers, most of whom have been working with us for many years. All of our suppliers are members of the SGF, a control system established for the fruit-juice industry which conducts annual audits. We have also defined the following goals regarding sustainability as it pertains to raw materials:

  • To maintain transparency with respect to efforts to promote sustainability undertaken by all relevant suppliers and our most important logistics partners
  • To cooperate with our suppliers in the process of ensuring sustainable development

What we've achieved already

Eckes-Granini has been working with EcoVAdis, an independent institute which evaluates the environmental and social policies and practices of all relevant suppliers, since 2015. Our efforts in this regard paid off again during the past business year. The majority of our suppliers (a total of 108 firms, or 90% of our suppliers) took part in the third round of audits in late 2017, and were found to have achieved further improvements since the last audits. The results were clearly above average, as compared to those of other companies. In evaluating sustainability, the experts considered a total of 21 criteria relating to the aspects of environmental and social policies, ethics and the value chain. For the purposes of analysis and evaluation, EcoVadis relies on documents provided by the organizations themselves as well as information from other reliable sources, including NGOs and trade unions. On the basis of the results obtained, Eckes-Granini conducts systematic discussions with suppliers for the purpose of initiating further improvements. This approach has proven effective in the past, and many processes have been progressively optimized.

Eckes-Granini Deutschland and France also took part in the evaluation and earned top ratings of 70 and 65 points, respectively (EGD in 2015: 63 points). With these results, the two national subsidiaries rank among the top one percent of all participating organizations.

Eckes-Granini also continues to support the industry-wide sustainability initiatives of the European Fruit Juice Association (AIJN). The task group concerned specifically with the subject of orange cultivation in Brazil is promoting efforts to improve conditions for small farms, in particular.

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What we're working on

  • Continuation of the regular evaluations of our suppliers and logistics partners and discussions with customers focused on potential improvements in the area of sustainability
  • Elimination of firms that earn poor performance ratings and show no evidence of improvement from our supplier portfolio
  • Ongoing involvement in the activities of the AIJN CSR Task Group

Production and logistics

A commitment to modern environmental protection has been an integral component of our corporate philosophy for many years.
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