God Morgon
GOD MORGON® … a pleasant way to start to the day

From orange to elderflower to multivitamin varieties, the God Morgon® brand offers a full range of fruit juices for a pleasant start to your day. An ideal breakfast companion for a healthy and balanced lifestyle. God Morgon® is one of the best-known chilled breakfast juices in the Nordic countries and ranks among the leading fruit-juice brands in Sweden. Produced and packaged in Ringe, Denmark, the chilled fruit-juice varieties are shipped to destinations all over northern Europe.

History: New ideas for fruit-juice production

Concentrated, frozen and packaged in tins – that was how most orange juice was sold in Sweden until 1970s in order to guarantee its freshness. But then, aided by expertise acquired in the production of fresh milk, a totally new fruit-juice production method was developed. God Morgon® adopted a modern refrigeration technology, innovative production methods and – above all – state-of-the-art packaging solutions early on and thus quickly became a pioneer in the chilled fruit juice segment. Today, fresh, vitamin-rich God Morgon® fruit juices are standard breakfast beverages in many northern European households.

The God Morgon® Mission: We are here to give people a more pleasant start to every day.

The God Morgon® fruit juice range is dedicated to providing consumers a fresh, fruity and vitamin-rich start to their day. Thus the range offers a wide selection of delicious breakfast juices. There’s bound to be a favourite fruit beverage for everyone – from traditional juice varieties and innovative fruit blends to juices with fantastic flavours made from organically grown fruits and vegetables.



... a pleasant way to start the day.