Shared values and beliefs – across all boundaries

Aside from our clear vision and strategy, the foundation for all of our thoughts and actions is a system of shared values and beliefs. Our corporate identity is based on the common goals of our national organizations and enriched by our cultural diversity.

They form a bridge between business goals and ideals across all national boundaries. The pillars of our shared identity are defined in our Purpose.

Our Purpose forms the basis for our business activity, and it imbues the various fields of action with higher meaning. It is meant to heighten and strengthen our awareness and appreciation of our origins as Eckes-Granini, our current situation and our future as a juice producer.

Our Purpose is based on the spirit and beliefs and the values and ideas of our organization and its employees. It is defined by the following elements:

  • our inspirational dream
  • our beliefs
  • our spirit and character


Our inspirational dream expresses the goals of our work in the Eckes-Granini Group.



We bring the best of fruit for a healthy and enjoyable life.




Our beliefs express what we stand for and describe the foundation of our business model.


The consumer is at the heart of all we do.

People make the difference.

Building business for the long term to secure our independence.

Offering healthy and natural fruit beverages of superior quality.

Diversity and cross-pollination make us smarter.

We strive to balance the social, economic and ecological impact of our business activities.

The power of granini combined with local fruit-juice and fruit-beverage brands.

There is no performance without fun.

The magic of our fruit-beverage brands.

Always improving the quality in all we do.



Our character and our spirit describe our most important qualities and the spirit in which we act.



Our spirit:

We work together to explore new dimensions.




Our character:

Devoted to entrepreneurial thinking
Versatile and diverse


Code of Conduct

Create values, maintain values and shape the future.
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