Sió-Eckes is a subsidiary of the Eckes-Granini Group and the leading producer of branded fruit juices and fruit beverages in the Hungarian market.

With its unrivalled expertise and the extraordinarily powerful and popular SIÓ and hohes C brands, Sió-Eckes is truly an expert when it comes to juice and fruit beverages.

Headquarters: Siófok
Market position: No. 1 (value-based market share 2022: 19.7 %)


Sió-Eckes Kft.
Május 1. út 61.
8600 Siófok

Tel. +36 84 501 501
Fax  +36 84 501 500

Other locations

Sió-Eckes Kft.
Marketing, Sales Office
Dombóvári út 27. 
1117 Budapest

Strategic brands

True joy by nature

hohes C
Healthy fruit juice for the whole family

The granini brand is a unique icon in the fruit juice market.

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