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Consumer survey confirms growing awareness of the role of the immune system in health and the importance of vitamin C

The persistent COVID-19 pandemic and the impending winter flu season have focused the attention of many consumers on the role of the immune system in health. That is confirmed by the recent representative consumer survey on consumer behaviour and attitudes about fruit juice commissioned by the Fruit Juice Science Centre in Germany, Great Britain and France.

Growing awareness of the role of the immune system in health

36 percent of those surveyed in Germany stated that they have become more aware of the importance of the immune system through the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet many people are uncertain about how a balanced diet can contribute to a properly functioning immune system. The German Ministry of Health, for example, recommends consuming five portions of fruit and vegetables a day in order to ensure a sufficient supply of valuable vitamins and antioxidants.

Orange juice as a source of vitamin C

The results of the survey also indicate that some participants are uncertain about how long vitamin C remains available to the body. Over half (51.6 percent) of respondents in Germany expressed the belief that enough of the vitamin C consumed a given day remains available to the body on the following day. 42 percent assume that the body can store surplus vitamin C and draw from this reserve at a later point in time. That is not true, however, which means that a daily supply of vitamin C is an essential prerequisite for normal immune-system function.

Many respondents stated that they are aware that vitamin C is contained in fruit juice and that it plays an important role. 41 percent of German participants said that they drink fruit juice as a means of enhancing their vitamin C supply. 38 percent drink fruit juice in order to boost their vitamin levels in general. Orange juice with 100 percent fruit content contains vitamin C, folic acid and potassium. One glass of orange juice (150 ml) supplies 84 percent of the recommended daily vitamin C requirement.

The survey commissioned by the Fruit Juice Science Centre questioned 1,029 adults in Germany about their consumption behaviour and their attitudes about fruit juice. Further information about the study and the Fruit Juice Science Centre can be found at: Fruit Juice Sience Centre

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