Quality assurance begins with the fruit itself

We select the fruits used in our products very carefully. Consequently, we work only with suppliers who can guarantee excellent fruit quality. We confirm their ability to do so during regular visits to our suppliers, with many of whom we have established a solid relationship of trust over a period of many years.

We pose demanding requirements for our suppliers in order to ensure the high quality of the fruit and other materials we purchase from them – and they are subject to strict controls. We have their quality status assessed at regular intervals through audits performed by independent laboratories and institutes.

A fundamental document required for all raw materials, and part of each supplier contract, is a specification in which all of our requirements are defined. That begins with statutory regulations and extends to the delivery process and finally to the numerous provisions regarding quality.

One important aspect in this context is the ban on genetically manipulated organisms and allergens in all raw materials delivered to Eckes-Granini – a preventive measure underpinned by extensive receiving inspections.

It is important for us to know that the majority of our raw material suppliers subscribe to the voluntary control system administered by the SGF (Sure-Global-Fair) Association, which has established a voluntary self-control system within the fruit-juice industry based on clearly defined criteria. This is an additional assurance of quality which we demand from our suppliers. They are also required to confirm their commitment on behalf of environmental and social issues by signing a code of conduct.

We also began systematically evaluating our suppliers’ commitments in support of sustainability in 2015 and have consistently encouraged their efforts in support of continuous improvement ever since.


Strict control measures designed to ensure optimum quality
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