Our Brands - unique stories and common values

All our brands stand for superior quality and enjoyment the world over - in Germany, in Europe and beyond the boundaries of the European continent. They all share common values: long roots and ties, entrepreneurial responsibility and a long brand history and tradition. Common to all of these brands is their willingness to reinvent themselves again and again and to evolve in step with the changing needs and lifestyles of consumers. 

As the leading supplier of fruit juices and fruit beverages in Europe, our family enterprise exports its products to over 80 countries all over the world. Our brands have their roots in their respective countries of origin. We strive intently to preserve the unique histories and identities of each brand marketed by the Eckes-Granini Group. Innovations are developed locally, in keeping with consumers' needs and wishes and with respect for local idiosyncrasies.This is the secret of Eckes-Granini's success: closeness to consumers, interest in their lifestyle and a keen sense of their needs.

The granini brand is a unique icon in the fruit juice market. more »

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Pure, unadulterated and rich in natural vitamin C. more »

French fruit juice since 1936. more »

Is there anyone who isn’t familiar with the little, green glass bottle with the yellow cap? more »

Every drop of YO syrup lands in the glass without dripping or spilling. more »

Fresh and natural - those are the qualities for which the Swedish fruit juice brand Brämhults stands. more »

Make it a beautiful day. more »

… a pleasant way to start the day. more »

The modern packaging units contain only the best fruits and berries. more »

Tasty fruit beverages for young and old. more »

True joy by nature more »

Delicious fruit juices in convenient packages for the whole family. more »