A fruit-juice pioneer from Finland

Entire generations have grown up with Marli products in the Finnish homeland of this popular brand. Practically everyone can find “his” favourite fruit juice, drink or syrup in Marli’s extensive portfolio. Marli stands for decades of experience and comprehensive know-how in fruit-beverage production.

Only the best fruits and berries are chosen. Marli - an authentic, natural taste experience for both home and out-of-home enjoyment.

Marli – The symbol of juiciness

History: a berry drink as the first branded product

Founded in 1946, Marli is one of the oldest producers of fruit juice and fruit nectar in Finland today. In the early years, the company specialized in the production of wine and liqueurs made from berries. In the 1950s, Marli introduced the non-alcoholic seasonal berry drink “Marli Glögi” as its first branded product – the opening chapter in the success story of the leading fruit juice brand in Finland. Today, Marli fruit beverages are available in retail food stores, restaurants and hotels.

Product portfolio: classic fruit juices and innovative new products

Life without popular classics like Marli Perinteinen mustaherukka mehutiiviste blackberry syrup would be inconceivable for most Finns. Today, the Marli Juissi range introduced in 1977 is a selection of refreshing fruit drinks for young consumers and has evolved into one of the company’s strongest product lines.

Marli continually underscores its modern image with new, innovative products. Today, Marli Smoothies, pure fruit juices in the Marli Natur range and the Marli Vital fruit juice beverages – featuring several different healthy ingredients – are firmly established in the product portfolio. Marli Juissi juice drinks are thirst quenchers for teenagers with exciting flavors.


The modern packaging units contain only the best fruits and berries.