Quality management

Our well-trained, fully committed employees play a crucial role in the quality-assurance process. They embrace and support the Eckes-Granini quality philosophy. In order to uphold that commitment, we organize annual training sessions devoted to the subject of quality, through which our employees can renew their qualifications and reinforce their motivation.

We also define new projects devoted to bringing about further improvements in quality every year. This process takes place in close consultation with our colleagues in the European Eckes-Granini Quality Network.

We conduct audits based on international standards for the purpose of identifying weaknesses and supporting the continuous improvement process. We have adopted a dual audit strategy. In addition to regular internal audits performed by Eckes-Granini-Group GmbH, we also rely on external IFS certifications to confirm our high standard of quality. They results of these audits consistently indicate a “higher level” of quality.

We track all production batches with the aid of established, computer-aided systems in order to ensure that every Eckes-Granini product that leaves our plants in Germany can be traced to specific raw materials and packaging lines.

We have established our own risk management system as well as a crisis team for the purpose of ensuring that we are able to anticipate and avoid impending crises and manage the damage-limitation process professionally.

We participate actively in technical and quality-assurance task groups established by national and international industry associations.


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Quality assurance

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