Our philosophy of quality
It takes the best to make the best

We offer our consumers only the best of fruit – for a healthy and enjoyable life. In other words, optimum quality has top priority at Eckes-Granini. That begins with the careful selection of fruits and other raw materials and continues through the gentle production process to the finished product. Our philosophy of quality is based on five pillars:

Raw material quality:
Because top-quality products can be produced only from the best available fruit, we process only carefully selected and inspected raw goods.

We place strong emphasis on the continuous development and consistent use of reliable, high-quality recipes, processes and packaging materials. Only in this way can we ensure optimum quality.

Modern production facilities:
We are proud of our technically flawless, fully sustainable production facilities. After all, reliable, gentle production processes require compliance with high performance and quality standards.

Production and logistics:
Top-quality products are created during the production process – and not through post-production inspections. That is why we monitor the entire production sequence with a largely automated in-process control system.

Employee responsibility:
Every employee at Eckes-Granini bears a share of responsibility for product quality. Thus transparency is a critical concern. Responsibilities, competencies and procedures are identifiable and verifiable at all times.

Quality assurance

Quality assurance begins with the fruit itself
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Strict control measures designed to ensure optimum quality
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Our well-trained, fully committed employees play a crucial role in the quality-assurance process
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