Production and filling
Strict control measures designed to ensure optimum quality

All goods received by Eckes-Granini are subject to strict control measures in accordance with both statutory regulations and our own strict quality standards. Among other aspects, these encompass such characteristics as the colour, smell and flavour of delivered raw materials, and include chemical, physical and microbiological testing as well. Goods are not released for processing until the results of all quality tests and inspections have been approved.

A single product goes through up to 50 different tests over the course of the production process. These complex and often time-consuming measures are monitored by our largely automated in-process control system, which involves above all a thorough assessment of all process parameters of relevance to quality. We also ensure maximum possible food safety in keeping with our continuously updated HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) concept.

Precisely defined quality criteria also apply to the aseptic filling process. We now work with innovative, state-of-the-art PET filling systems that meet all current quality requirements. That is ensured with the aid of an ultra-modern, automated microbiological testing system. Furthermore, an international, cross-functional competence team is constantly engaged in efforts in support of continuous improvement in all matters of relevance to aseptic filling. This enables us to reduce the risk of production failures and to contribute to the optimization of the costs associated with waste and errors.

We also place strong emphasis on the subject of hygiene. We employ a comprehensive hygiene concept for the cleaning and disinfection of production equipment and the product environment and for personal hygiene. Microbiological tests performed in our own laboratory ensure a consistently acceptable hygienic status.


Our well-trained, fully committed employees play a crucial role in the quality-assurance process
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It takes the best to make the best
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Quality assurance

Quality assurance begins with the fruit itself
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