What makes us tick
"Boss, I’ve got an idea …!": our values and our culture

We embrace the cultural diversity that is expressed by our national subsidiaries. We share common values that provide us with a sense of identity and give our Group a recognizable face. Our culture grows and evolves in a climate of common purpose, dialogue and concerted action. This principle also shapes the seven dimensions of our leadership culture:

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We live by these seven dimensions in all of our countries. Within the scope of our creative freedom, we place strong emphasis on individual responsibility and flexibility, for in our view, empowerment means trusting in the skills and know-how of our employees and encouraging them to assume responsibility. This we do with firm conviction, for leadership begins with every one of us.

We believe in preserving what has proven effective, questioning the status quo, trying out new approaches and taking calculated risks. We share our know-how and our successes. We also regard setbacks as opportunities to learn and progress. We recognize and honour the fact that every individual in our organization contributes to our business success. We have complete faith in the strength of our brands and the employees who stand behind them. People who feel good about what they do and enjoy their work tend to achieve excellent results.

Work environment

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Pay and benefits

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